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We invite you to learn more about the SFBT Certificate

Program at OISE,

University of Toronto


Dr. Ron Warner, along with our very own Dina Bednar are co-directors of this program which is certified through the Canadian Council of Professional Certification.  Housed in the University of Toronto's OISE- Continuing Education, this program leads those looking for a better understanding of SFBT to see the myriad ways it can be used from the module on Basic Skills, Crisis Management, Couple and Family Work, Working with Children and Adolescents, and more.  The Certificate Program culminates in a practicum module as well as a case presentation.  We invite you to take a first hand look by clicking on the video link below to see both the program as well as what past students have said about it.  



SFBT with couples and families


Our very own Dina Bednar is offering a dynamic and engaging workshop through OISE at the University of Toronto this fall on November 30th and December 1st.  Join her as she explores how the theory, assumptions and techniques of SFBT are applied to work with couples and families.  Click here for more details on the workshop and how to register. 

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